Cookies & Gage To Launch Flagship Cannabis Dispensary In Detroit - Gage

Cookies & Gage To Launch Flagship Cannabis Dispensary In Detroit

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On January 31, 2020, Gage Cannabis Co. (“Gage”) will open Cookies, a new flagship cannabis provisioning center in the heart of Detroit, with a mammoth blue street party. Cookies, the leading lifestyle and cannabis brand in North America, will be located at 6030 E. 8 Mile, Detroit.

Based in the Bay Area, Cookies’ Founder and CEO Berner is a prolific rapper and entrepreneur along with his partner, Jigga, a highly respected cannabis cultivator and breeder. Berner will be in Detroit for the January 31 grand opening.

“To me, Michigan is one of the biggest markets next to California,” said Berner. “Not only is it a big market, Michigan is a very educated market when it comes to herb and hash. They have been seeing California weed on the black market for years and been producers of high quality flower in their own respective market. With that being said, Michigan smokers are spoiled just like us in Cali. With all the new genetics in our Library and all the love from the Michigan Cups, we are ready to give Detroit all the new-new! And the fact we are kicking it off on 8 Mile makes all of this even more legendary.”

The Cookies store will carry the entire family of Cookies products including, but not limited to the Cookies, Lemonnade, Runtz, PowerzzzUp, Minntz and Grandiflora lines. The store will be operated by Gage in an exclusive partnership with Cookies.

“Gage is excited for this next step in our flourishing partnership with Cookies,” said Gage’s Fabian Monaco. “We are eager to provide Michigan with yet another unique and engaging retail platform. Launching the first Cookies store on the East Coast will bring an unparalleled experience to our cannabis patients, while offering direct access to one of the leading brands in the cannabis industry.”

The 3,500 square-foot Cookies store will employ 40 Detroiters with good paying jobs and benefits. Gage also has in place a social equity program through which it will share $950,000 with social equity participants in cities disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition. The company plans to give up to $50,000 to a prospective cannabis business owner in each of the 19 social equity cities initially designated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency. The Detroit award recipient has yet to be selected, and Gage looks forward to meeting potential candidates at the January 31 grand opening.

In addition to the new Cookies provisioning center, Gage will dedicate significant shelf space to the display and sale of Cookies products in their current locations in Ferndale and Adrian, as well as its soon-to-open locations in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Bay City, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Centerline, among others.

More information can be found at or on Instagram @Cookies.Michigan.